Gary and Glen Rumble are identical twin brothers, age 76, with developmental and special needs. They need constant 24 hour care and have been living with their sister as their primary caretaker. The twins need help with medication pill box setup, meal preparation and cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, financial management and their overall well being. Together, they receive under $2,200 a month in financial income.  After their mother passed away (and prior to their sister’s oversight) the twins were also subject to a senior financial scam.  A neighbor swindled the twins’ social security funds without the family knowing for years.

Sadly, their sister and caretaker was unfortunately hit by a car and had significant injuries that required her to be hospitalized. Police were informed about the twins four days later, and they took Gary and Glen to the hospital as well since they were unable to care for themselves.

At this time, the twins’ nephew Dan was contacted. He knew he had to intervene and create a plan to assist Gary and Glen. The nephew was referred to Next Steps 4 Seniors Foundation (NS4SF) for assistance by an elder law attorney. On the same day he called NS4SF, Dan was guided by the Foundation President, Wendy Jones, to apply for a housing grant and look at a local senior community, American House. The NS4SF team met Dan at American House and facilitated a next day move-in, along with waiving their move-in fee and second person occupancy fee. Additionally, the NS4SF approved a monthly financial housing grant to offset the cost of living in the community until more government funding is secured. This activity all happened in under a 24 hour period. 

Our team also introduced Gary and Glen to a fellow resident named Mark, a gentleman who was living in his car last year whom the NS4SF foundation also moved into the American House.  Mark took them under his wing, showing them around and introducing them to new people. Glen and Gary are now thriving and when asked if they wanna go back home, they said, “No way! We love it here”.  They have a new lease on life.


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