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Our Mission

Next Steps 4 Seniors Foundation bridges the financial gap for low-income seniors in need of proper housing and care. Through faith, hope and love, we ensure these vulnerable seniors can live out their years with dignity and grace.


Funds will be available to those who meet the eligibility requirements based on current income levels. We are focusing on the older adult that requires a higher level of care and is not capable of living completely independently without any assistance. The “senior scholarships” will supplement the recipient’s income towards the cost of assisted living.


We have a team of placement specialists with knowledge and experience in senior living. Our team will work exclusively with each senior to find safe and affordable housing. We follow through every step of the way to assure a smooth transition and help those seniors who cannot help themselves.


This faith- based organization provides “Care Companions” with hearts of compassion to meet with residents on a regular basis to talk, share and listen. Our team of outreach volunteers know their lives are meant to touch others in compassion and bring hope to hurting people who need to know someone

Become a Volunteer Today

As part of our mission to Share Spiritually, we are looking for volunteers to become Care Companions. A volunteer Care Companion visits lonely residents of senior living communities, to spend time with them, forge friendships and share stories. Sadly, 60% of residents in senior living communities never have visitors. A little time goes a long way in lifting their spirits and brightening their day.


To become a Care Companion, please call or text Sue Delicata at (248) 568-5661; or you can email at srdelicata@gmail.com.

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