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Our mission calls us to “Support Financially, Assist Physically, Share Spiritually.”


  • Financial Housing Grants many seniors are no longer able to live independently and need a safer environment, but cannot afford to pay for assisted living or memory care. Our team provides a financial bridge to eligible low-income seniors to live out their years with dignity and grace in appropriate senior living communities.
  • Emergent Need Funding – we provide one-time financial assistance to eligible low-income seniors that have emergent needs, like a moving deposit, first month’s rent, food or clothing that they can not afford. Many of these seniors are barely surviving on social security as their only income.
  • Senior Navigation Program – we assign a registered nurse who works directly with struggling seniors, their family members, and caregivers to identify and coordinate the resources and government programs for which the seniors qualify. Some examples include VA benefits, Medicaid, food delivery programs and other local agencies.
  • Caregiver Support – we connect family members and caregivers to resources that help them maintain the important and challenging role of caring for their loved one every day. From helping them find respite care, to other community support resources such as adult day centers, we provide encouragement throughout their journey.
  • Spiritual and Social Support – by having our Spiritual Support 4 Seniors team visit the seniors who have transitioned into a senior living community, we ensure they always feel cared for and valued.

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